Our unique retail platform

Frog Stack provides a cloud-based Middleware platform designed to support the retail industry.

The platform provides both system integration and data governance capabilities.  It enables data to flow from one business system to another while ensuring the data always conforms to the Master Data Management rules. In effect the platform acts as a virtual Master Data Hub that ensures the data is federated across all the different business applications while retaining its validity and providing the business with a trusted, single version of the truth.

The main points of difference between Frog Stack and other middleware solutions are:

  • Frog Stack prevents countless point-to-point integrations being created between applications. Each application is connected once and only once to the middleware’s Master Data Model. This creates a true plug and play solution that ensures data integrity throughout the whole business.
  • Frog Stack believes that integration must never be viewed as a trivial “self-serve” subscription solution whereby users with no integration experience can link complex applications. Every project requires experienced retail consultants to ensure that all edge cases are correctly addressed.  Frog Stack will provide both the software platform and the retail consultancy required to implement and support the software.
  • Frog Stack provides pre-built connectors for the core Frog Stack Master Data Model for most mainstream software applications such as Netsuite, SAP B1, Brightpearl, Trade Gecko, Shopify, Magento, Joor, NuOrder, Ometria etc. These connectors are already retail specific and can be easily modified to support any complex edge cases. Their existence ensures implementations are quick and affordable even though they are customised to support every customer’s individual needs.
  • Frog Stack believes that good integration needs joint business and technology thinking and we have built the company around a credible team of retail and technology industry experts.
  • Frog Stack’s solution is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Using Azure's “intelligent cloud” ensures that we only develop integration software, while Azure provides a rich set of tools dealing with security, DevOps, scalability and a host of other features.