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Success Stories

Our Customers

Sarah Raven

Bespoke OMS

CRM - Omeria

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Sarah Raven (SR) selected Ometria as their preferred CRM. Their eCommerce platform had an Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Ometria connector. However SR do a large volume of their business using catalogue and phone orders. Frog Stack were asked to integrate the SR offline ordering system with Ometria. The main difference between online and offline customer and order data is that offline data tends to be a lot "messier". Duplicate records, spelling mistakes and incomplete data are commonplace. Frog Stack was required to build an integration that could manage the inconsistencies of the off-line data and ensure that only valid, clean data was passed to Ometria.

In addition to the Orders and Customer Data, Frog Stack was tasked with processing all the customer returns information for both online and offline transactions. The OOTB online connector was not able to process customer returns so it was a quick win to process them using Frog Stack.

Cath Kidston

Ecommerce - Sales Force CC


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For Cath Kidston we have built a bespoke integration that collects SFCC orders files from an SFTP server and loads the orders into CIN7 using the CIN7 API. Once the orders have been picked, we send an order update XML file to SFCC which triggers SFCC to return a payment file. The payment file is used to mark the orders in CIN7 as invoiced and paid. The integration also handles cancellations and returns.

" As part of Cath Kidston digital transformation, we have looked at multiple options to integrate our e-commerce platform with our newly implemented inventory management system. Frogstack came as a natural choice in terms of capabilities offered at a fraction of a price compared to its competitors and without any bureaucratic hurdles. The team at Frogstack brings a strong understanding of retail processes that – combined with a truly agile development approach – has allowed us to go live with a powerful integration in a very short time frame. The platform is fully scalable and flexible enough to add new features as our business evolves. I strongly recommend Frog Stack as the integration partner of choice for digital retail businesses looking for integration excellence." 

Sébastien Poinçon (Head of IT)


ERP - NetSuite

CRM - Ometria

EPOS - Sitoo

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Sunspel use an Out-Of-The-Box connector to link their ecommerce platform directly to their Ometria CRM. Ometria therefore had no visibility of any of the customer orders placed in physical stores in the UK and US. Frog Stack built an integration between their NetSuite ERP and Ometria. The integration ensures that all physical store customer and order data is correctly passed to Ometria. The integration also manages Customer Returns for both online and offline orders. The OOTB ecommerce connector was not able to correctly process returns so Frog Stack was able to provide a cost effective alternative solution.

Frog Stack have also built a full integration between Sitoo (EPOS) and NetSuite. This ensures that all store orders, exchanges and returns are correctly loaded into NetSuite. They are loaded into NetSuite as fully billed invoices or credit notes. Frog Stack also provides a full stock inventory integration that allows all types of Transfer Orders to flow between Sitoo and NetSuite thus keeping the NetSuite and Sitoo stock in sync.

Sunspel have also implemented the Frog Stack Data Warehouse. A full suite of "Tableau" based management information reports is linked to the Frog Stack Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse is a compilation of data taken from NetSuite, Ometria, Shopify and a number of Social Media platforms.

Ami Paris

Cegid - EPOS

Ometria - CRM

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The integration passes all products, contacts, orders and returns from Cegid to Ometria

Anya Hindmarch


Ecommerce - Sales Force Commerce Cloud

B2B - NuOrder

PLM - Centric

CRM - Ometria

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Anya Hindmarch has been using the Frog Stack integration model for a number of years. The Frog Stack middleware is used to move data between a number of the core business applications. The main use cases being:

·        Passing product information from the Centric Product Lifecycle Management system to the SAP B1 ERP.

·        Passing sales order, customer and product information from SAP B1 to the Ometria CRM.

·        Passing product information form Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SAP B1.  

·        Passing store sales information from Retail J to SAP B1.

Anya Hindmarch use several middleware products including the Oracle Retail Hub and Orbis Task Centre. In a number of instances the Frog Stack platform has been used to handle complex edges cases that could not easily be handled by the other middleware solutions.


EPOS - Eposnow

CRM - Ometria

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We have used the Eposnow webhooks to create a real-time integration between the 150+ VPZ stores and the Ometria CRM.

"VPZ partnered with Frog Stack due to their technical expertise in fully managed integrations. Frog Stack from the outset fully understood the brief and developed a middleware connecting our retail estate of over 160 shops and a large ecommerce platform into a new CRM, allowing us to visualise trends and patterns in ways we couldn't before, and reach customers on a new level. We saw a return on investment within the first six weeks, and continue to work closely with Frog Stack."

David Kidd – Technical Director | VPZ

Larsson & Jennings

Ecommerce - Shopify

OMS - TradeGecko

CRM - Ometria


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The first project we completed for Larsson & Jennings was a typical example of when an Out-Of-The-Box connector is not able to provide 100% of the functionality required. The standard Shopify to Ometria connector does not enable transactional emails to be sent to customers from Ometria when Shopify orders are confirmed, shipped, cancelled or returned. Best practice suggests that all emails (transactional and marketing) should be sent from Ometria so that they have the same look and feel and can be personalised using the Ometria personalisation engine.

The Frog Stack middleware solution was used to extract the shopify order, product and customer information and send it, in real-time, to Ometria’s transaction email API so that all transactional emails could be generated and sent from Ometria.

The second project we worked on was to link the Stock Management system (Tradegecko) to their 3rd Party Logistics provider. Products, Sales Order, Store Replenishment Transfers and Purchase Order information was sent from Tradegecko to their 3PL's WMS application. Picking Confirmations,PO/Transfer Goods Receipts and Customer Returns were then sent back from the 3PL to Tradegecko.  A daily Stock validation function was also put in place to ensure that the Tradegecko stock picture was always the same as the 3PL’s.  

If you would like an even more detailed discussion about this project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Spring Chicken

Ecommerce - Shopify

CRM - HubSpot & PipeDrive

Finance - Xero

WMS - MintSoft

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Spring Chicken have been upgrading their entire IT infrastructure. Frog Stack have assisted with the implementation of new Shopify website and integration of the website with all the other core business software applications including their CRM (HubSpot), their WHS (TradeGecko) and their finance system (Xero).

Shay & Blue


Web - Shopify

3PL - Blade

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Frog Stack have been commissioned to build full integrations between: 

       - SAP B1 and Shopify

        - SAP B1 and Blade (WMS)


ERP - NetSuite

Web - Magento

3PL - SnapFulfil

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Vieve commissioned Frog Stack to build an integration between NetSuite and ILG their 3PL. Retail, wholesale and Transfer orders are passed from NetSuite to ILG. Once the orders have been dispatched, Shipment Confirmations are collected from ILG and used to Fulfil the Sales Orders, create Invoices and marry the customer deposits to the invoices. Return Notifications are collected from ILG and used to generate Return Authorisation Documents that are fulfilled and a Credit Note raised.


Ecommerce - Bespoke web platform

CRM - Ometria

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In 2020 Naturisimo selected Ometria as their preferred CRM. Naturisimo's eCommerce platform has been developed in house and does not have any API connectivity. Frog Stack was required to build an integration that could collect Product, Customer, Order and Returns data files from an SFTP site and load the data into Ometria using the Ometria transactional APIs. Frog Stack also assisted with the cleansing and loading of 2.5 million lines of historical order data.