The integration platform for retail.

Frog Stack transforms how your business integrates its data, applications and systems.
Frog Stack provides a unified platform to drive all your integration needs.
Frog Stack connects your business applications as never before providing the whole business with consistent data and a single view of the truth.

Do these issues sound familiar?

Are you restricted to selecting business applications that have out-of-the-box connectors to your existing applications?

Do your integrations fail to manage important edge cases, causing data corruption and manual rework?

Do integration issues hamper your ability to configure business applications to support new business requirements?

Do integration issues make it difficult for you to provide customers with a seamless, personalised experience across every sales channel?

Why Middleware?

The retail sector has changed beyond recognition over the last 20 years. Customers want a retail experience that’s frictionless and personalised. If a retailer can’t provide a consistent and seamless experience across every digital, physical and telephone touchpoint, then the shopper will choose a competitor.

Most retail organisations today - and the IT solutions that serve them - are struggling to keep pace with the agility and complexity required to respond to market needs. Whereas in the past retailers would change business practices to fit around the functionality offered by the packaged software vendors, the fast-paced consumer retail world now demands that retailers are able to adapt to the consumer’s wishes.

The explosion of cloud-based software applications provides businesses with many of the tools they need to deliver the required customer experience. However, this presents organisations with the challenge of integration.  The plethora of cloud-based applications can only deliver on their promise when they are all seamlessly linked together.

Creating a form of "plug-and-play" business process architecture through the integration of component services, all of which communicate frictionlessly through modern API and micro service technologies, must be at the heart of any modern retail IT strategy.  This type of architecture can only be achieved by implementing a modern cloud-based integration platform